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“Gail has been a constant in my son's academic life since third grade. He recently graduated from high school and was tutored by Gail up until his very last final. She not only made sure he understood the concepts but instilled a sense of confidence in him that added to his overall academic success.”
S. Conner, parent of a high school senior

“Gail is great! Words can't describe how good she is!”
H. Conner, high school senior

“Gail has been my son's mentor, motivator, advocate, and friend! We love her!”
S. Goldberg, parent of a high school junior

“Gail is extremely knowledgeable on colleges that are best suited for students with learning differences. Both of my boys looked forward to meeting with her to discuss colleges that should be on their radar and respected her opinions! Working together with Gail, we established the perfect "fit" for our oldest son and are in the process of achieving the same result for our high school junior. We could not have done this without her expertise. Thanks Gail!”
H. Shuster, parent of a college freshman and a high school junior

“We highly recommend Gail Goetz as a tutor. She worked with two of our sons who have ADHD and taught them tremendous study skills. After both boys successfully graduated high school and went to college, we nominated Gail to receive a teacher award through Vanderbilt University, which she won! Much deserved!”
C. Rice, parent of two college students

“Gail Goetz empowered me with the skills and confidence I needed to be successful in school and in life. When I first started working with Gail, my only intent was to learn my materials for school. When I finished my final session, I had learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined. I now attend Full Sail University and use the study skills that I learned from her to this day. Gail is a great mentor and a blessing!”
C. Browning, college student

“Support, encouragement, guidance, as well as friendship are what make Gail Goetz the unique and amazing Learning Specialist that she is. Throughout our twelve year venture at The Walker School, and her continued guidance during my college years and beyond, Gail has been instrumental in shaping my successes to date. Her knowledge of all subjects, her years of experience, as well as her contacts allows Gail to offer the best possible guidance for each of her individual students.”
J. Bloom, graduate student

“My son went to Gail for help with math. She explained things so clearly that it was easy for him to "get it." But, most importantly, she helped him get organized and stay on track. Her encouragement made him believe in himself and set higher academic and life goals. She gets our vote for Teacher of the Year!”
B. Riley, parent of a college freshman

“Gail Goetz "gets" it when it comes to understanding students with learning disabilities and a good college fit. After reviewing my daughter's information she suggested five colleges that fit her needs perfectly. My daughter got into four of them.”
L. Ginburg, parent of a college senior

“Gail's insight into our son and what makes him 'tick' were always on target. Her coaching certainly helped remove a lot of the stumbles and bumps he might have otherwise had to endure in getting through high school and the college process.”
H. Austin, parent of a college senior

“Gail was a guiding light in helping my son through high school and also the college process. She focused on his learning strengths and pointed him in the right direction. He was accepted at his first choice, The University of Michigan School of Engineering.”
M. Kennedy, parent of a college senior and a high school senior

“Gail recognized my strengths and weaknesses early on, which helped me succeed to my fullest potential throughout middle school and high school. Moreover, Gail helped me build self confidence in my skills to be successful. I will be attending Colby College in the fall with a pre-med track.”
M. H. Kennedy, high school senior

“Gail worked with both my children as a tutor and college counselor. She helped them see and reach their potential, was a great resource and sounding board for all of us and best of all was the “heavy” when my kids needed some tough love. She kept me calm when I was worried about their futures, and she could say things to my kids and have them listen when they would have just ignored me. I don't mean to be too gushy but my family will always be eternally grateful for all Gail Goetz has done for us.”
K. Miehl, parent of a high school senior and a college freshman

“One of our major concerns was that since first grade our son had been in a private school with very small classes and had been earlier diagnosed with ADHD. Gail Goetz was referred to our family by a close friend. This was the turning point for our son as Gail helped him in his pursuit of the next step of his education. She recommended universities that she believed were a good fit for him. Gail then worked with him in completing college applications, helping him prepare for interviews and visits to the universities, as well as guiding him on what questions to ask during the college interview process. Thanks to Gail’s knowledge of colleges and ADHD, our son was accepted to every school he applied and was able to get into his first choice university, Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Our son loves his university and thanks to Gail’s professional skills and her caring heart, our son has been able to find a college that fits him and his needs perfectly.”
A. and L. Fichter, parents of a college sophomore

“When I first started looking at colleges, I was completely overwhelmed with the choices. This state of anxiety disappeared with the help of Gail Goetz. She helped me find the school that was a perfect fit for me!”
Dustin Fichter, college sophomore

“Gail is extraordinary! I am a counselor at a small college prep school and I almost exclusively refer to her. She is familiar with our curriculum and she routinely reaches out to the students' teachers. But the main reason I love referring students to Gail so often is that I trust her. I know that she will take care of my students and help them grow.”
A. Kennedy, MS, LPC, NCC
Director of Upper School Counseling, The Walker School

Gail Goetz Testimonials