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College planning is a process. An educational consultant can help analyze individual needs and interests, evaluate and explain the different college options, plan a timeline for SAT and ACT testing, help to choose appropriate high school courses and extracurricular activities, and research appropriate schools.

For students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD, college planning also involves interpreting and evaluating psychological testing information and Individualized Education Plans (IEP), determining accommodations needed for success in college, explaining legal rights and responsibilities for students with disabilities, understanding the nature of the student’s learning strengths and weaknesses, and teaching the student self advocacy, study skills, time management, and organization. Of most importance is choosing a school that will fit a student’s learning, social, and emotional needs.

Gail works with students and their parents to understand the differences between high school and college with respect to their learning needs and accommodations. She provides information on the different types of academic support programs available for students at different colleges and universities. She “walks” students through the entire college process from initially researching schools to completing the college applications.


Gail Goetz College Planning